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The Colchester Causeway
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Most people that rent electric bikes from us head to the Bike Path through Waterfront Park downtown.  Some will take our ebikes all the way out to the railroad causeway to the Lake Champlain Islands ten miles north of Burlington, pictured above.  This four-mile rail trail, built right out into the lake in 1901, is one of the most spectacular rail trails in the United States today.  It was named to the Rails-to-Trails Hall of Fame in 2010.  It is a must see for visitors to Burlington. 

EZ Pedaler Electric Bike Rental Rate         

RAD Runner Electric Utility Bike Rental Rates


Add 7% for sales tax

We will provide you with a helmet (or bring your own if you'd like), a lock in case you stop for food, and a paper map of the Causeway and the Bike Path into downtown Burlington.  We also provide instruction on the use of the ebike.  It's easy.

Customers can pick up ebikes at our shop at 86 Main St. any time between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Ebikes must be returned to the shop by closing at 5 p.m.

It's as simple as that!  Reservations are a must.



One person

Two people (child or flat seat)   

$60/day  $70/day


Map of the Island Line Trail.

The story of the extension of the Burlington  Bike Path out to the Causeway to the Lake Champlain Islands is captured in Chapter 15 of Rick Sharp's book:  The Burlington Bike Path and Waterfront Park.  We have posted Chapter 15 so you can learn all about the Causeway before you visit it.

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